50mm Wood Alloy Venetian Blinds

The Wood Alloy Venetian Blind is a premium blind solution, which is a pvc option which would be used in bathrooms and areas with high humidity. Is versatile and perfect for creating a modern, uncluttered look in your home. Whether you choose to tilt the slat and control your light or lift it completely to appreciate your view, the blind is bound to complement your décor.

Max Width: 2400mm
Max Drop: 3000mm
Privacy: Adjustable by tilting the slat. Allows for views and full privacy.
Light Control: Adjustable by tilting the slat / Diffused light
Operation: Tilt and lift Cord 
Cleaning: Can be dusted and wiped with a damp cloth
Suitable for: Windows where a mixture of privacy, sun control and views are required. The timber slat adds a natural warmth to an environment.
Avoid: Windows where the blind is lifted more than it is tilted. Blinds have a large stack and can be cumbersome above doors.


Wood Alloy Polar White

Wood Alloy Linen

Wood Alloy Beige

Wood Alloy Pebble

Wood Alloy White Wash

Wood Alloy Stoney Oak

Wood Alloy Barnwood

Wood Alloy Driftwood