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Clear bars Port Elizabeth: an alternative burglar proofing option

Often times, people are reluctant to install traditional burglar bars in fear that it will ruin their home’s view. Luckily, we have the solution. PC Agencies work in association with Magnador to bring our customers Magnaview clear burglar bars.

Clear burglar bars are made from a material called polycarbonate. Because it is so strong, polycarbonate has been used for many years as an effective security barrier for bank tellers and as riot shields by police.

This material is completely transparent and will not perish or turn yellow in direct sunlight, making it the perfect choice for those who want the security of burglar bars without spoiling their view.

Magnaview bars are slim, yet extremely strong. They are 5mm thick (making them the thickest available on the market) and 50mm in breadth and the bars themselves are installed onto fully galvanised steel tubes using stainless steel button-head screws. These steel tubes are then securely bolted to the window reveal. This method of fitment ensures that Magnaview bars are fitted much more securely than other clear bars that are simply fitted directly to the wooden or aluminium window frame.

Apart from supplying clear bars in Port Elizabeth and surrounds, we are also able to supply Clearview swing gates via Magnador, in order to complement our customers’ Clearview bars.

clear bars in Port Elizabeth