Custom Made Bars

All custom-made burglar bars are carefully made-to-order according to the customer’s unique requirements and can be fixed to a concrete wall reveal or into wood. Our bars enjoy a 5-year warranty that includes workmanship, materials and installation. All custom-made bars are hot-dip galvanized for protection against the onset of rust and get external Polyester powder coated – available in various colours within our range.

At Magnador we strive to give our clients the best advice and best burglar bar to complement specific decor needs. All custom-made bars are manufactured to exceptional standards and carry the best quality in materials down to installation.
Custom-made bars can be fitted internally or externally depending on the specific site and requirements. Magnador strives to be the best in the industry and all products are engineered to last.

Technical Specifications of the Custom Made Bars

  • All custom-made burglar bars are hot dip galvanised (to a thickness of approximately 80 microns) for superior protection from corrosion.
  • External Polyester powder coating, available in a range of colours, for enhanced resistance to fading.