Mosquito Screens

Durable mosquito screens for doors & windows

Struggling with pests at your home or business? PC Agencies offers unique and durable mosquito screens that are bound to solve your problems! Our mosquito screens are custom-made and can be fitted to any door or window opening, and a lot of clients also install it around their patios. The product range includes options for sliding doors, fixed windows, sliding windows, and more.

The screen is manufactured with a pre-treated aluminium frame and an ultra-durable cornering system to ensure longevity. The mesh is manufactured from interwoven fibreglass, which keeps out pests of any size. To ensure that our mosquito screens fit into the design of our clients’ properties, we offer it in assorted colours. These include:

  • White
  • Natural
  • Bronze
  • Charcoal
mosquito screens

Why choose our mosquito screens?

The mosquito screens we have available are a must-have for game reserves, farms, hospitals, butcheries, and restaurants, as they will keep out any unwelcome pests such as flies, mosquitos, cockroaches, baboons, monkeys, etc.

Besides keeping out pests, these mosquito screens also offer the following benefits:

  • It can help you to reduce costs on running your aircon all the time, as you will be able to leave all windows and doors open without having to worry about flies or mosquitos. The screens also reduce solar heat by 50%, so your property will feel much cooler.
  • All screens are manufactured with high-quality materials that are corrosion and UV resistant, therefore making it the ideal product to use in coastal areas.
  • Each screen is manufactured to client specifications and is installed by a trained technician, so clients can expect flawless and lasting results.
If you have been struggling with pests at your home or business, the mosquito screens on offer from PC Agencies offer the ideal solution! Contact us to talk to our team about your specific requirements.