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The most beautiful selection of roman blinds in Port Elizabeth

Roman blinds can be made in different ways and come in various different styles. They are usually made from fabric and are raised and lowered with a pull cord.

One of the main advantages of choosing roman blinds is that they can be made using different fabrics, of different colours or patterns, making it easy to match with any home’s décor theme. These blinds can also be made to any length and are comparatively affordable and easy to install.

Our blinds are also mechanised, which means that they have a continuous chain that does not lengthen or shorten when in use. This means that there are no unsightly and untidy cords involved.

Apart from these practical points, these blinds also have a timeless style. They have been around for many years, and for good reason. They add a certain sense of softness to a room that one simply cannot get from wooden or aluminium blinds. Because Roman blinds can be made according to various styles, they can have a softer feminine look, or a more masculine tailored look.

At PC Agencies, we bring you roman blinds from companies like Blind Designs. We can supply headrails only, allowing our customers to attach their own fabric of choice, or we can order complete blinds from Blind Designs.

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