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Only the top security products Port Elizabeth has available

The safety of one’s family and belongings are high up in the list of priorities for almost all people. It is therefore necessary to take certain security precautions in order to protect both home and family. Now, an alarm system is all good and well, but it certainly does not provide a physical first line of defence against intruders. It will always take time for armed response to show up, and by that time, the intruders may have fled with stolen goods in hand.

At PC Agencies we do not only supply curtaining, upholstery and related products, we also supply a large range of security products in Port Elizabeth, as well as in the rest of South Africa. Physical barriers are extremely effective in deterring intruders, seeing as they act as an immediate first line of defence.

We work in partnership with Magnador to bring our customers the best home security products in South Africa. Through Magnador and its in-house brands such as Alphador, we are able to provide customers with a range of security gates, burglar bars and other forms of burglar proofing.

In so doing, PC Agencies offer customers practical security solutions, allowing them to keep their family and possessions safe and secure at all times.

All Magnador products are engineered to last, and come with a five year free repair warranty.

security products in Port Elizabeth
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