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Looking for shutters in Port Elizabeth?

Today, as in the past, shutters are a common form of window covering. Shutters are usually made from materials such as wood or aluminium and are installed around the existing frame of a window, making for a very solid type of window covering that can be easily opened or closed using an attached pole mechanism.

Be it winter or summer, or anywhere in-between, shutters offer the perfect window covering solution. At PC Agencies, we specialise in distributing shutters in Port Elizabeth and surrounds. The shutters available for purchase are made from either solid wood, extruded PVC or aluminium and are perfect for keeping you comfortable inside of your home or office, while at the same time keeping the weather outside.

Not only do shutters serve a practical purpose, however, they also lend an element of style to any room. Many discerning property owners nowadays see shutters as a much more modern and therefore much more aesthetically pleasing option for covering windows than curtains or blinds.

PC Agencies’ internal wood shutters are made exclusively from wood that is grown in sustainable plantations, making it both beautiful and friendly to the environment. The outdoor timber shutters we stock are perfect for outdoor use as they are weather resistant.

Aluminium shutters are a great investment and offer security as an added feature as they are lockable. The benefits of aluminium shutters are that they don’t warp, peel, or split.

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