Our Slidetrack Blinds are about enhancing living spaces and the ultimate addition to a room. What’s a brand without values? So we are natural, cool, relaxed and fresh. We are also about quality, because nothing can ever beat a quality product. We aren’t just another brand; we are a brand that thrives on innovation.

Cool Living Slidetrack Blinds offer a feeling of “cool living” – both in terms of temperature and attitude. Imagine a hot summer’s evening with a fresh breeze blowing through the room with no insects bothering you, or a hot summer’s day without the intense heat of the sun. You like that, right? Now that’s cool living for real.

VISIONTEX outdoor blind fabric is Australia’s leading outdoor mesh solution. VISIONTEX PLUS and VISIONTEX VIEW features PVC coated, high-tensile polyester woven with peace of mind self-extinguishing fire resistance, and high abrasion capabilities. VISIONTEX is made to perform. It’s manufactured to the exacting Okeotex certification system with NO harmful toxins like lead, mercury, chromium, and with a 10-year warranty. VISIONTEX is your peace of mind certainty for years of outdoor blind performance.



Slidetrack Blinds provide effective shading and screening solutions for commercial and residential applications, blocking out harmful UV rays.


Slidetrack Blinds are designed to be unobtrusive and present clean functional lines. With our wide colour range, our shades will complement the appearance of your property. The fabric is held in tracks both sides and a V-seal strip at the bottom helps keep insects out, creating a weather seal between blind and floor.


Slidetrack Blinds can be motorized if required.


One-handed operation with a central locking position means Slidetrack Blinds is a breeze to use. No ropes, pulleys, zippers or straps.. Intermediate locking positions are easily provided, accommodating your daily weather conditions and needs.


The blinds bottom bar is firmly located within the side tracks resulting in a strong design without wear marks. Exposed parts are made from powder coated aluminium, reducing the risk of corrosion. The blind mesh is held securely in the side tracks, there is no need to keep the sheet tightly stretched.


Made with clear or tinted PVC, Slidetrack Restaurant Blinds are ideal for creating a cosy environment while maintaining an open feel.

2x2 PVC Coated Polyester
Weight 603gsm
External Yarn
UV-R block up to 94%
Rain block up to 97%*
Wind block up to 96%*
FR Rated - Self Extinguishing
Safeguarding Health
1x1 PVC Coated Polyester
Weight 525gsm
Width 300cm
External Yarn
UV-R block up to 85%
Rain block up to 80%*
Wind block up to 80%*
FR Rated - Self Extinguishing
Safeguarding Health