Solar Awnings
Solar Awnings
Solar Awnings
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Ground-breaking solar awnings: for practicality and style

Our revolutionary solar awnings are fully motorised and have built in wind sensors, meaning they will be able to read the strength of the wind, and automatically close when the wind gets too strong. This ingenious feature ensures the strength, durability and longevity of our stunning awning options.

PC Agencies is offering these awnings with the following features included:

  • A full cassette
  • Each solar awning can be made to measure up to 5.5 metres in width, and 3 metres in length (projecting outwards).
  • A remote is included, as well as a wind sensor which allows the awning to close mechanically when the wind is too intense.
  • A choice of gorgeous fabrics to complement any exterior décor scheme.
solar awnings
Because the appearance of a practical product is as important as the functionality, these innovative new awnings are available in a range of beautiful fabric options:
  • Orchestra Max: a durable fabric with a transparent coating on one side for ultimate water resistance.
  • Orchestra: a long-wearing option with solution-dyed Sunacryl acrylic fibres and Cleangard outdoor awning treatment.
  • Symphony: a thicker fabric than Orchestra but with a light, cottony look that provides maximum UV protection.
  • Air and Earth: two exclusive collections of 20 eco-friendly designer fabrics, with canvas made up of 27% recycled yarn.
  • Sunworker Range: this contemporary, chic range offers transparency, resistance and quality with tasteful design and thermal comfort.
  • Opera: this textile’s Jacquard weave allows stunning patterns to be created on both front and back. It has been specially treated to ensure longevity in outdoor conditions.
  • Alto FR: An industry first – an awning fabric made with maximum (M1) fireproofing! This material provides immense safety to professionals in the hotel and catering businesses.
Each of the above awning fabrics come in a huge variety of designs which are suited to any colour scheme or exterior theme. Customers can choose from calming earth tones, contemporary greys, eye-popping reds and yellows and serene blues and greens, all with plain options and fabulous geometric patterns to elevate your outdoor space. PC Agencies’ solar awnings offer a practical solution to outdoor comfort, while giving a touch of luxurious style to the surroundings.