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Quality wooden shutters for any interior or exterior application

Wooden shutters have become a popular choice when it comes to window coverings for home owners. Besides its convenience, it also adds a stylish touch to any interior or exterior design. At PC Agencies, we provide a wide range of beautiful shutters, including wooden shutters, aluminium shutters, and PVC shutters which are all manufactured in South Africa, resulting in quicker delivery.

Home owners often opt to have shutters installed because of the protection it offers from outside elements. During the summer months, you can control the amount of direct sunlight that you let into your home, and during the winter months, you are able to keep the cold and the wind at bay by closing all shutters. And, since timber shutters are manufactured from solid wood, the amount of insulation it offers is even better.

Our timber shutter options at PC Agencies include:

Indoor Shutters

Our interior wood shutters are exclusively manufactured from White Teak, Kiri Wood, or engineered wood. All timber used to manufacture our shutters is grown in sustainable plantations, which means that it is both stylish and eco-friendly.

Outdoor Shutters

The outdoor timber shutters we stock are all manufactured from quality timber to ensure long-lasting finish.

Wooden shutters

Reasons to choose wooden shutters:

Apart from its natural beauty and texture, wooden shutters are also a superior choice for shutters due to its durability.

More reasons to go natural and choose wood:

  • Naturally resists moisture and withstands harsh weather conditions.
  • Takes well to painting and staining and can therefore be made to suit any colour preference a client may have.
  • Tough natural material, yet light in weight.
  • Offer a 10-year warranty.
Interested in revamping your home with stylish timber shutters? Be sure to give our team a call to discuss your requirements.