Curtain rods, rails and tracks in assorted styles

Curtain rods and curtain rails/tracks are used to suspend curtains above windows. They can come in various styles, from plain to elaborately decorated. Rods and rails are certainly an essential element in curtaining, and because they are so essential, they need to be durable, long lasting, not to mention aesthetically appealing for an overall stylish look in any room.

At PC Agencies, we supply curtain rods manufactured from varied materials, namely stainless steel and wrought iron. These two different materials bring different textures and styles to the table, allowing customers to match their rods to the décor of their room. To give our clients options when it comes to adding these elements to their home, we also supply various rebated rods and decorative finials.

Our rebated rods and finials are available in both 63mm and 90mm options, and we offer a wide range of standard and custom colours for our customers to choose from. Modern Pelmets are also available in 85mm and 106mm options.

We also have an in-house range of curtain rails/tracks available for various purposes. These include panel glide tracks, wave tracks, motorised curtain tracks, hospital tracks and stage tracks. Our curtain tracks are manufactured from aluminium, which makes them perfect for our customers who live along the coast since they can withstand the climate. We can bend our tracks to fit into any bay window, and we also manufacture roman blind headrails to size.

For all your curtain track or rod needs in or near Port Elizabeth, be sure to contact the professionals! Not only will we ensure that the products you purchase are of a superior and lasting quality, but we also offer competitive rates.

Curtain rods